OkiRu Martial Arts
Introducing the Oki Gi
by OkiRu!

Okiru means to wake up,
get up, rise up,

This is what countless children
do in their martial arts classes
around the world everyday!
Unfortunately they do this with
their gi jacket riding up,
pants hems falling down
and belts falling off!
Designed in Canada the
OkiRu Gi fits great and
stays in place through the
toughest and most fun
martial arts workouts a kid
can have!  Many years of
experience teaching children
in the martial arts has
gone into the design of this
uniform.  Enjoy instructing
your students  or watching
your children, not adjusting
their gi and re-tying their belts
all class! I designed OkiRu Gi
for my students, now I
share it with you!
- Sensei Sandy,
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
The BEST Fitting Kids Gi Hands Down!
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What they are saying about the Oki Gi!

I love my new gi, it's so soft and comfortable!
Cole D (student age 6)

I can't believe he went the whole class without needing his uniform adjusted! 
Sherry D (mom)

It looks great!  A much better fit!
Paula R (mom)
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